8 Week Update


What’s New With Mommy

Doctor’s Appointment:

Nothing to report. Our next doctor’s appointment will be 12 weeks.


Still nauseated if I don’t eat something first thing in the morning and if I don’t get good protein in with every meal.

Still moody, but (maybe?) finding ways to cope so my family doesn’t catch the brunt of it.

Saliva has let up a little, though if I am nauseated the waterworks turn on.

I can’t keep my eyes open past 11 (which is saying something, because I’ve been used to staying up until 3 over the summer).

Several days ago I was having what felt like Braxton-Hicks contractions. That tightening feeling in my uterus that happened often during my first pregnancy (only my stomach didn’t get hard like last time – I don’t know if this was because my uterus is still so small or because I was feeling something else and the comparison to Braxton-Hicks was all in my head.). Being only 8 weeks pregnancy though it made me nervous. What if I was having a miscarriage? Luckily, I haven’t felt them lately and have had no other warning signs.

Baby Bump:

I’m unbuttoning my jeans and shorts when sitting a lot more now, and I feel like I ate a huge Thanksgiving dinner after even a small snack.

Weight Gain:

121 (back up from last week, but not much gain)


Still having some weird dreams, not as stressful as last week, but still extremely strange.


Similar to my last pregnancy, I haven’t had much of a sweet tooth. However, unlike last time, I want meat all the time. Steak please!

What’s Up With Baby


Baby Simons is the size of a kidney bean (just over 1/2 an inch).


Fingers and toes are forming on little hands and feet. Baby’s eyelids cover most of his or her eyes and there are nerve connections being made in Baby’s brain. His or her tail is almost completely gone this week!


Nothing that I feel, but Baby is doing all kinds of moving.


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