Bedtime Routine

Penny on the Patio

Chillin’ on the patio

If you read my post about our last time breastfeeding, you know that I’ve been concerned about changing my daughter’s bedtime routine. (If you haven’t read it, click here.)

Well, we’ve fallen into a fantastic routine now and bedtime at the Simons household couldn’t be easier. This is what a typical night looks like for us:

7:00 Dinner Time

7:30 Playtime on the patio/Walk outside (if it’s not too hot!)

8:00 Playtime in Penny’s room with lullaby music for a zen atmosphere

8:30 Bathtime (we have a song mommy made up…and no, you can’t hear it)

8:45 Brush Teeth (she loves this!)

8:47 Say “nigh nigh” to Daddy and back to Penny’s room

8:50 Turn on the lamp and turn off the light; read 2 or 3 books (whichever ones Penny picks out)

8:58 Grab the lovey and rock in the glider with mommy to a lullaby (usually “Hush little baby don’t say a word…”)

9:00 Kiss Penny goodnight and say sweet dreams (she usually goes right to sleep, but sometimes she talks to herself or her lovey for a while before drifting off)

Ever since we got into this groove, I haven’t had to go back in her room to comfort or rock her back to sleep once. It’s amazing! I’m so thankful that this transition has turned out so well for both of us! I love that she’s happy going to bed and that she is totally independent in comforting herself and getting to sleep on her own. I feel like we really reached a milestone and I’m so proud of her!


Yay Naps!

Yes...I need all of these toys!

Yes…I need all of these toys!

Whew! I’m almost 7 weeks into my second pregnancy and I am pooped!

I remember the fatigue from my first pregnancy – the exhaustion that could usually be cured by lounging on the couch for a few hours with a catnap or two thrown in. No longer! With a toddler that has recently learned that by grabbing mommy’s hand you can take her anywhere you want to go, I spend my days being pulled from room to room to partake in the fun my Penelope has in mind for the two of us. So incredibly cute 🙂

However, for a pregnant lady who is drained by baby-growing, it can be tiring. So I do a new thing now. I take naps.

Yes, whenever my kiddo is down for her midday snooze, I go down for mine. It works out great – I can sleep and wake up rested and ready to run around after her for the rest of the day!

Beautiful, hour plus naps in my comfy, cool bed…ahhhh…I want to take another one now.

But, I’ll have to wait until Bugg’s naptime, because she has somewhere she wants to go and she’s taking me along for the ride!

First Night Without

Well, this is Penny’s first night without breastfeeding at bedtime and it went better than I thought it would.

Our little girl took a bath, changed into her PJs, brushed her teeth, we read a book, said “nigh nigh” to Daddy, and I rocked her for a few minutes.

You might remember that I decided I was going to try to skip the wrap along with the breastfeeding…not so much.

As we rocked, she seemed at a loss with what to do with her arms. She tried wrapping them around my torso, tucking them underneath her, even sticking them under my shirt, but she wasn’t able to find a comfy position. And when it was time to lay her down those little arms that are normally pinned to her sides by her wrap just held on to my shirt when I put her in her crib. Then came the wailing. Heartrending!

I picked her up to rock her a little more to calm her down and back in the crib she went…and she still wasn’t having it.

After about 30 minutes of off and on crying, I went in and wrapped her up. Not a peep after I put her back in her crib.

I guess we’ll try to go wrap-less next week after she gets used to bedtime without boobies.

But I count tonight as an achievement! A baby successfully weaned and sleeping peacefully 🙂

Goodbye Breastfeeding

A little nostalgia for me :) She's not this little anymore, of course, but who can say no to a good baby picture?

A little nostalgia for me 🙂 She’s not this little anymore, of course, but who can say no to a good baby picture?

Tomorrow will be the last night of breastfeeding for me and my Penelope.

I have mixed feelings. I’ve spent 14 months bonding with her in this way and I don’t know that I’m ready to give it up. On the other hand, I’ll be breastfeeding again in 8 months and the break will be nice. Also, the Bugg (one of our nicknames for Penelope) isn’t really that into it anymore. She gets bored after a few minutes and starts looking around, grabbing my face/hair, and sticking her little feet up in my face with a devilish giggle.

I didn’t plan on breastfeeding this long. I thought we’d get to 12 months and be ready to wean. But, Penny’s first birthday came and went and we continued breastfeeding before I went to work, at naptime, and at bedtime. Summer arrived and we cut out the morning feeding and, not long after, we stopped the naptime feeding. But the bedtime feeding has endured.

It’s such a special time for me. A wind-down-from-our-busy-day time for both of us to share. And, I’ll admit, it calms her down before bed, which is one of the things I’m worried about tomorrow. I hope she gives up her bedtime feeding as easily as she did her naptime feeding. (I’m also planning on finally getting her to sleep without her wrap…the thing’s in tatters and it’s way past time she gets to sleep without it…) I’ll post on Tuesday letting you all know how it went. Wish us luck…

Disrupting the Nap Schedule

Penny on Daddy's Leg

Penny on Daddy’s Leg

Do you plan your days around naptime?

I do.

And it has had some interesting effects.

First, I find myself determining where it is feasible to go during the day based on how fast we get moving in the morning. For example, my parents live about 30 minutes away. Whenever we visit, we usually go in the early afternoon before Penny’s nap. This is the naptime math I recently went through before a visit. Penny woke up at 10:15 am and she takes a nap at 2:00. In order to spend a worthwhile amount of time (by this I mean more than a friendly wave as we drive past their house on our way back to ours), we need to be gone from our apartment by, at the latest, 10:45, which puts us at my parents house at 11:15. If we arrive at this time, we can have 2 hours to visit before we have to leave at 1:15 (this gives us enough time to get home and go through our naptime routine so things go smoothly). This means that, on days we are visiting my parents, I’m a complete B from the moment we wake up; I become a crazy, clock-watching, psychopath until my family (including my definitely-does-not-like-to-be-rushed husband) are packed into the car.

Second, I do nothing spur-of-the-moment. At our recent visit, my mom recently suggested that we have Penny nap at their house so we could stay longer. I would LOVE for this to be an option…but…I’m a wimp. My daughter loves her routines and she thrives when everything goes as expected (as most toddlers do, I’m sure). When the routines are disrupted…well, that’s another story. Case in point: a few days ago we weren’t able to get Penny home at 2:00 for her naptime routine (we had appointments and had to pick up a family member from the hospital) so she slept for about 30 minutes in the car. When we got home at around 3:45, I attempted our regular routine, but little toot spent about 30 minutes talking to herself in her crib, playing, and not sleeping. She was FINE the rest of the night. However…the next day I had a tired (and oh-so fussy) pumpkin. It took her a day to get back on track and back to her usual, happy-go-lucky self.

What kind of nappers do you have? I have friends who can tote their kids anywhere and they’re perfectly fine, but I know others whose kids are like mine: naptime is sacred and must not be disrupted at all costs. Leave comments and share your experiences!