About Me

If I had to describe myself with one word, it would be: BUSY. I am a wife, mommy to a precocious toddler, 4th grade teacher, and now…da da da daaaa…expecting a second kiddo. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I have a wonderful husband, my best friend, Chris, who I married December 11, 2010. W e started our family with Harley Quinn, our lovable and absurd Westie. She is now 4 years old and goofy as ever. Then, in May of 2012, we welcomed our amazing daughter, Penelope, into our lives. I’ve held on to every second with her, but the time still flies by! Now we’re expecting again and we couldn’t be more excited to meet the new baby girl or boy in March, 2014.

Now for how we bring home the bacon. As I said, I teach 4th grade and the young un’s keep me on my toes for sure! The hubby is currently getting his Master’s in History and recently accepted a position as an IA (Instructional Assistant) to a professor at his university. He also is an amazing photographer specializing in (lucky me) maternity and newborn! Needless to say, we have some phenomenal pics from my first pregnancy and of our little bundle.

When I find a free moment or two, I’ll pick up a good book, pop in my favorite tv shows, cook something yummy, or relax with some yoga goodness. I hope you  enjoy The Adventures of Aubrey Simons!


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