Just water for me!

So we had a busy weekend! Some friends of ours came down from Houston and stayed with us for a couple days. When we get together we love to eat and eat like we mean it. We hit up our favorite restaurants and we go home happy. Since we’re not telling anyone about my pregnancy yet, it can be a little dicey turning down that margarita at dinner when everyone else at the table orders them but, lucky for me, Chris stayed dry with me, which made the inevitable excuses a little less lame (“No drink for me tonight…I just feel like water!). We also had dinner with my in-laws last night. Delicious Mexican food and very little time to eat since I have a kiddo who wants to get out of that high chair and GO! I was talking to my husband’s dad (who has twins) and he was waxing envious about Penelope’s sleep habits (9pm to 10am…not bad!) and when I pointed out that he has two to deal with he said “…and that’s a warning!” Well it’s a little too late for warnings now 🙂 It’s definitely weird keeping such a huge thing a secret from friends and family, but it just makes the excitement of finally telling them that much sweeter.



Welcome to The Adventures of Aubrey Simons!

Aubrey BW

Now, I realize that the word ‘adventures’ is a fairly grand term. It brings to mind Amazon treks, African safaris, car chases, and Everest climbs. I am not a archaeologist/treasure hunter (see: Lara Croft and Indiana Jones). I am a book-lovin’, food-cookin’, fun-lovin’ wife, mother,and teacher. I can’t compare the thrill I get from watching my daughter discover something new (most recently opening the CD tray of the stereo in her room) to any of these activities, but I wouldn’t trade my adventures for the movie-type.

Let me give you a quick run down of the past few years:

  • May 2009: I graduate from the University of Texas with an English degree
  • December 2010: I graduate from UTeach (UT’s teacher certification program)
  • December 2010: I marry my best friend, Chris
  • May 2012: We welcome our daughter, Penelope
  • September 2012: I get a job teaching 4th grade
  • February 2013: We move to Kyle, TX to be closer to my job and Chris’ school
  • July 2013: We found out we’re going to have a new member in the Simons household

And there it is, the last few years in bullet-points. (I tried to do the same thing in narrative-form but it was waaaay too long…)

The people that matter most to me: my husband, my daughter, our family and friends are my fellow adventurers in life, and each day brings us closer in so many ways. I can’t wait to welcome the new adventurer, Baby Simons, into our happy family!

I hope this blog becomes a place where advice and stories are shared and memories are made. Welcome to the family!


Chris and Me (36 Weeks pregnant with Penelope)

Toddler Penelope

Snapshots of Penny