Welcome to The Adventures of Aubrey Simons!

Aubrey BW

Now, I realize that the word ‘adventures’ is a fairly grand term. It brings to mind Amazon treks, African safaris, car chases, and Everest climbs. I am not a archaeologist/treasure hunter (see: Lara Croft and Indiana Jones). I am a book-lovin’, food-cookin’, fun-lovin’ wife, mother,and teacher. I can’t compare the thrill I get from watching my daughter discover something new (most recently opening the CD tray of the stereo in her room) to any of these activities, but I wouldn’t trade my adventures for the movie-type.

Let me give you a quick run down of the past few years:

  • May 2009: I graduate from the University of Texas with an English degree
  • December 2010: I graduate from UTeach (UT’s teacher certification program)
  • December 2010: I marry my best friend, Chris
  • May 2012: We welcome our daughter, Penelope
  • September 2012: I get a job teaching 4th grade
  • February 2013: We move to Kyle, TX to be closer to my job and Chris’ school
  • July 2013: We found out we’re going to have a new member in the Simons household

And there it is, the last few years in bullet-points. (I tried to do the same thing in narrative-form but it was waaaay too long…)

The people that matter most to me: my husband, my daughter, our family and friends are my fellow adventurers in life, and each day brings us closer in so many ways. I can’t wait to welcome the new adventurer, Baby Simons, into our happy family!

I hope this blog becomes a place where advice and stories are shared and memories are made. Welcome to the family!


Chris and Me (36 Weeks pregnant with Penelope)

Toddler Penelope

Snapshots of Penny