First Night Without

Well, this is Penny’s first night without breastfeeding at bedtime and it went better than I thought it would.

Our little girl took a bath, changed into her PJs, brushed her teeth, we read a book, said “nigh nigh” to Daddy, and I rocked her for a few minutes.

You might remember that I decided I was going to try to skip the wrap along with the breastfeeding…not so much.

As we rocked, she seemed at a loss with what to do with her arms. She tried wrapping them around my torso, tucking them underneath her, even sticking them under my shirt, but she wasn’t able to find a comfy position. And when it was time to lay her down those little arms that are normally pinned to her sides by her wrap just held on to my shirt when I put her in her crib. Then came the wailing. Heartrending!

I picked her up to rock her a little more to calm her down and back in the crib she went…and she still wasn’t having it.

After about 30 minutes of off and on crying, I went in and wrapped her up. Not a peep after I put her back in her crib.

I guess we’ll try to go wrap-less next week after she gets used to bedtime without boobies.

But I count tonight as an achievement! A baby successfully weaned and sleeping peacefully 🙂

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